Social and Environmental Responsibility

The Camargo Corrêa Group, to assure sustainability of its operations strives in all its operations to generate value for all interest publics and therefore assure ongoing business.

The sustainability agenda is one of the key components and is incorporated in the strategic planning and management of its companies and has evolved over the years, making some marks. The 2006 Sustainability Letter: Challenge and Innovation collected in one document the aspirations of the business in relation to the issue, ratifying the need to innovate processes and products for sustainable development. bolinha mais

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Climate Agenda

The Climate Agenda gathers targets adopted by Camargo Corrêa Group since 2009 to reduce carbon emissions. This is done by introducing the topic to the management and supply chain, and also by certifying partners and adopting responsible consumption of raw materials and natural resources. bolinha mais

Carbon Management Plan

The mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions is part of Camargo Corrêa Group’s goals, as established by the Climate Agenda. Companies in the Group, such as Construtora Camargo Corrêa and InterCement, have already prepared an inventory to control and reduce carbon emissions. bolinha mais

Sustainable Innovation Award

The Sustainable Innovation Awards is an initiative to identify and recognize efforts to reduce environmental impacts and rationalize the use of natural resources at Camargo Corrêa Group, and to stimulate the knowledge and practice of sustainability policies. bolinha mais