Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 16:44

The 48 women that integrate the Natividade Embroidery Cooperative have a new address. The group formed in 2010 by artisans from the municipality of Natividade, in Rio de Janeiro, opened on April 16 the new headquarters, on a 216 sq.m. plot donated by the government of Natividade. The space was widely renovated and equipped with machines and furniture. The showroom of the cooperative will now be at the same address.

Friday, April 11, 2014 - 13:05

Did you know that you can allocate part of your Income Tax payment to social actions that work in benefit of children and adolescents without this resulting in financial losses or any extra expenses? So how about grasping the opportunity to contribute this year already? Check out how:

Tax payers can donate up to 3% of the Income Tax due to the Fund for Children and Adolescents (FIA) when they make their statement. Donations are made during the filling out of the statement through the 2014 Income Tax Program. Tax payers can choose to allocate to the National, State or Municipal Fund.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014 - 17:35

The first activities of project Potentiating Protection Networks in Laguna, a municipality with around 51 thousand inhabitants located in the southern coast of Santa Catarina, were held in March. This is an initiative of Camargo Corrêa Institute and Ponte de Laguna Consortium, formed by Construtora Camargo Corrêa, Aterpa M. Martins and Construbase. The purpose of the project is to trigger a process for education, discussion and articulation of the protection network with a focus on prevention, protection and notification of sexual violence against children and adolescents in the region. The actions are being executed by the PROAME – Center for the Defense of Children and Adolescents - organization.

The project will comprise four phases. On the first phase, of mobilization of the network, a Local Reference Group (GRL) is created, formed by representatives from the Guardian Council, the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (CMDCA), municipal secretariats of Education, Health, Culture and Social Work. The main attribution of this group is to articulate, mobilize and organize the education meetings. On March 19 and 20, during two meetings, a Local Reference Group was created in Laguna-SC.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 13:27

Nova planta é um marco para os objetivos relacionados ao negócio de coprocessamento da empresa

InterCement, the holding-company for the cement business of Camargo Corrêa Group, and Tradebe, an international leading company in industrial waste management, now relies on a waste treatment unit installed in the InterCement plant, in Ijaci, Minas Gerais.  The full production of the new unit will be used to replace fossil fuels in cement kilns, a technology known as co-processing.

The definitive destruction of waste without generating new environmental liabilities, aligns with InterCement and Tradebe commitment to seek innovatory, efficient and more sustainable processes.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 17:31

Tecido tem propriedades cosméticas que ajudam no combate à celulite Fabric with cosmetic properties help fighting cellulite

The new SVELT denim, a high-performance technological fabric developed by Tavex, has been elected as one of the 100 innovations highlighted in 2013 by Actualidad Economica, a magazine published in Spain.  The fabric, which interacts with body and helps fighting cellulite, has been launched in Brazil only, in November 2013, and is part of Tavex 14-15 Summer collection. The SVELT denim was awarded the prize of Las 100 Mejores Ideas in the Life Style category.

"Continuous innovation is one of Tavex values. For being a worldwide company, Tavex Brazil is continuously investing in product development intelligence, aligned with trends of Europe collections. We are permanently seeking innovations in new special finish processes, as well as new fabrics", explains Lilian Yukimi Kurosaki, the Tavex Jeanswear Marketing manager.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 13:06

The Camargo Corrêa Group celebrated the International Women's Day with a differentiated approach in social networks.

The disclosure of professional photos from all Group's business units symbolized the company admiration and respect for this team of women who, in addition to being dedicated, stand in the various positions and professions they occupy.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 - 18:26

The Minas-Rio ore pipeline hired 90 Young Apprentices through the Learning Partner Program of the Ministry of Labor and Employment - MTE (by its Portuguese initials).

Youngsters from the 16 to 24 year-old bracket, started classes in February at the National Apprenticeship Industrial Service - SENAI (by its Portuguese initials) in João Monlevade, a city near the work-site in Nova Era (MG).

Friday, February 21, 2014 - 18:25

The students of Fumec in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Marcos Vasconcellos and Marcos Macedo were the major winners of the first University Contest of Construtora Camargo Corrêa.  More than 40 universities have participated in this academic dispute, with the productive concrete cycle as the key issue.  The result was announced after five finalists were questioned by executive officers of Camargo Corrêa, InterCement and guests.

The final contest was held among students of Faap, Unesp, Unorp, UniCeub and Fumec universities. They were seconded by Rafael Groto, Pietro Donha and Beatriz Faile, of Unorp from São José do Rio Preto. In third place came Regis da Silva, from Faap. The students Gustavo Martinez, from Unesp, and Bianca de Miranda, Manuela Faria and Maria Vizeu, from UniCeub, Brasília, completed the list of finalists. The Mauá Institute of Technology earned R$ 5 thousand plus the right to a speech on the subject of innovation, for being a university, out of 33 participants, whose students had mostly submitted valid ideas.

Friday, February 21, 2014 - 18:00

Construtora Camargo Corrêa (one of the leading Brazilian engineering contractors) launches today, 02/21, the Right-Hand Program at the road extension works of Avenida João Paulo II, in Belém, Pará, an initiative of Childhood Brazil NGO. The main purpose of the Right-Hand Program is to promote broad joint efforts to end the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents on Brazilian roads, relying on the support of enterprises, government authorities and third sector organizations.

A guidance blitz to truck and car drivers  along BR – 316 highway and the playing of the "Sun Angels" movie, in the auditorium of the advanced work-site, followed by a debate, have been the landmarks of the project launching in Belém.  Representatives of the Children and Youth Public Prosecutors' Office, the Guardianship Council, the Belém Municipality and the State Administration participate in the initiative, together with neighborhood dwellers and companies.

Sunday, February 09, 2014 - 17:07

The government of Recife opened today, Feb. 9, the Paço do Frevo, a center for reference and dissemination of frevo, the cultural expression that was declared Immaterial Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO in 2012. Located in the Old Recife neighborhood, the center has the purpose of safeguarding and perpetuating the richness of frevo with permanent and temporary exhibitions and dance and music schools, in addition to a documentation center, a recording studio and an online radio station.

The opening happened during the festivities of the Frevo Day and on the day of the delivery of the Certificate of Recognition of Frevo as Immaterial Cultural Heritage of Mankind, delivered by the National Historic and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN) to the city government.