International Education Day

Alpargatas Institute celebrates results of multidisciplinary projects

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 - 16:33
IA encourages interdisciplinarity and educational projects in public schools of 10 cities in Paraíba and Pernambuco states IA encourages interdisciplinarity and educational projects in public schools of 10 cities in Paraíba and Pernambuco states

On World Education Day – April 28 – Alpargatas Institute celebrated the results of 10 years of work for the education of children, youth, adults, teachers, and school managers with projects of Education through Sports and Education through Culture. With over 400,000 beneficiaries, the Institute fosters interdisciplinary (working together the skills from different disciplines), approximation with family, and more structured educational projects in public schools of 10 cities in Paraíba and Pernambuco states.

"Teachers are trained and create projects according to the school reality. The most creative are awarded at the end of the year. Schools get a material kit with balls for football, volleyball, handball, basketball, volleyball and soccer nets, table games, shuttlecocks, tops, whistles, vests and other materials used in sports classes", says Berivaldo Araujo, executive director of Alpargatas Institute. "This way, students get more involved with learning and also participate in Topper Program of Education through Sports that rewards the best students in school learning, attendance and individual highlights in each subject. Thus, the quality of education improves."

Education projects yielded good results during the 10 years of the IA. From the partnership between public power and non-governmental organizations, the ten cities that participate in the projects had their grades in the Basic Education Development Index (IDEB) improved, seven exceeded the targets set by the Department of Education in 2012. The city of Campina Grande (PB) made most progress, having schools that already exceed the projected goals for 2016 and succeeded in attaining the best IDEB score in Paraíba state.

The Institute also funds the construction, renovation, and maintenance of sports courts and spaces of schools involved in the projects. Since the beginning of its activities, IA has built or renovated 95 sports fields, which is considered the main stage to transform learning into something dynamic and attractive to students.

In addition to the work in elementary education schools, Alpargatas Institute has programs that reinforce and support full-time education, such as Education through Culture that, in 2013, benefited over 5,000 students through activities beyond school hours, increasing the magnification of the hours through diversified projects and cultural workshops held with partner institutions. In the Corporate Volunteering Program, the highlight is the project of school renovation that comprised 133 schools renovated since 2008. Also, the course on Basic Electricity is developed with the support of SENAI/PB to foster the training and learning of youngsters aged 18 to 29. Students receive all materials necessary to the course, which is taught by volunteer electricians who are partners of the Institute. Students are then apt to the labor market. Over 350 young people have finished the course, and about 80% of graduates are working, some of them even in Alpargatas' industrial facilities.

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