New Partnerships

Alpargatas Institute participates of Nós Podemos Paraíba (We Can Program, in Paraíba State)

Friday, July 20, 2012 - 12:54

The Alpargatas Institute officially joined the movement Nós Podemos Paraíba, which mobilizes social projects to achieve UN Millennium Development Goals until 2015.

The partnership helps to publicize and disseminate the practices of social responsibility of Alpargatas Institute. Moreover, it expands the opportunities to carry out activities aimed at improving public education in Brazil, contributing to the millennium goals.

"Joining a group of people, organizations and companies which assume a good attitude, with a responsible and sustainable social commitment, prioritizing goals for a better world, is very rewarding," says Berivaldo Araújo, director of Alpargatas Institute.

Alpargatas, controlled by Camargo Corrêa, reaches consumers in four continents with brands like Havainas, Dupé, Topper, Rainha, Mizuno, Timberland, and Sete Léguas.