Camargo Corrêa Standard

Award that recognizes professionals from Construtora Camargo Corrêa will have a new category in 2014

Friday, June 21, 2013 - 13:45

A new category for the Camargo Corrêa Standard Award in 2014 was announced during a meeting in Fortaleza, which gathered shareholders and leaders of Camargo Corrêa Group and Construtora Camargo Corrêa in early June. The "Shared Value Highlight" will award initiatives which, through the development of social and environmental actions and projects, add value to the business.

These initiatives may be directed to the worksite, the community, clients or the government. "Shared value is when everybody wins. The concept is an evolution of the conception of sustainability, which tries to evidence what is the gain for society, for the client, for the company and for all organizations involved in the business", says Kalil Farran, Executive manager for Sustainability and External Communication.

To Dalton Avancini, president of E&C, the theme is part of the DNA of the constructor. "Today, we can clearly see that the projects are inserted in the communities and cause impacts without us having the dimension of what this means. Therefore, we must have a different relationship in these places, so that our operation is based on sustainable principles. The creation of this category in the Award is aimed at stimulating these attitudes", he says.

The concept of shared value points to a path in which, in addition to business opportunities, we also seek solutions for social and environmental problems. The new category recognized Strategic Thinking, Sustainability and Commitment to Results, which are some of the bases of the Camargo Corrêa Standard.

Camargo Corrêa Standard 2013

On June 25, we will hold the 2013 edition of the Camargo Corrêa Standard Award, which is aimed at recognizing and valuing professionals, teams and works which, along 2012, showed results and attitudes aligned to the bases of the Camargo Corrêa Standard, such as safety at worksites, commitment to results and sustainability, transparency, strategic thinking, innovation and partnership with research institutes and universities, among others.

The award, held since 2011, currently has four categories: Individual Attitude Highlight, Good Behavioral Practices Highlight, Innovation and Standard Worksite Highlight. The award also contemplates the Standard Seal, which is granted to worksites that had the best performance in all Operational Bases of the Camargo Corrêa Standard (Safety, Quality, Sustainability and Results) and which added points with cases of Innovation and Good Behavioral Practices.