Social Inclusion

Camargo Corrêa Builder Company promotes training to disabled people in their work places in Maranhão

Friday, July 13, 2012 - 12:54

It happens today the graduation of 90 people with disabilities who completed their training for the labor market offered by Camargo Corrêa Builder Company, in partnership with the Instituto Pró-Cidadania (Pro-Citizenship Institute) in the city of São Luis, State of Maranhão (MA).

The training is part of the program Conviver com as Diferenças (Living with Differences), of the Camargo Corrêa Builder Company, and aimed to empower the group and generate employment opportunities. In three months, the participants have studied issues related to administration, ethics, safety, and informatics. During this period, all staff was part of the team in the works of Camargo Corrêa Ponta da Madeira Maritime and Rail Terminals. Besides the training, they will have this experience recorded in their portfolio.

Finishing the course, the professionals may be allocated in works of Camargo Corrêa Builder Company in progress in the State of Maranhão. In addition, the Pró-Cidadania Institute must support participants in finding new opportunities in the labor market.