Jirau Hydroelectric Power Plant

Camargo Corrêa Builder serves 30 million meals in the construction site

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 12:54
Professionals received special menu in celebration Professionals received special menu in celebration

Camargo Corrêa Builder celebrates the milestone of 30 million meals served to those professionals who works in the construction of Jirau Hydroelectric Power Plant, in Porto Velho. With this total, it is possible to feed for ten days, with lunch and dinner, all the population of State of Rondônia.

In preparing the meals, it has already been consumed 18,000 heads of cattle, 67 trucks of rice, besides a quantity of fruits and vegetables able to fill more than 300 Maracanã stadiums. All foods are purchased in the region. "The supplies used in the preparation come from distributors in the State of Rondônia. The meat comes from Cacoal, rice and beans are from Ariquemes and groceries come from Porto Velho. It improves our logistics and helps the local economy," said Paulino Roberto Barreiro, coordinator of canteens structure.



jirau 03 sao produzidas 31 mil refeicoes entre cafe da manha almoco lanche e jantar mThey are produced 31,000 meals between breakfast, lunch and dinner

Every day, 31,000 meals are produced between breakfast, lunch and dinner in two restaurants of the construction site, in Porto Velho. "We work with a team of 427 people very committed and dedicated who try to reach quality in the process and follow the standards and legal procedures. Our intention working in this way is that the 14,000 employees we serve feel satisfied," says the nutritionist Cláudia Tremper.

The canteen also has a stockpile with enough supplies to serve the workers for 15 days in case of some casualty makes impossible the arrival of food.

To celebrate the landmark distribution and quality of meals, last week, the company has prepared a menu very attractive to employees and guests: a juicy barbecue, accompanied by soda and dessert.


jirau 02 funcionarios receberam cardapio especial na comemoracao mProfessionals received special menu in celebration