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Camargo Corrêa Group employees participate in panel with young apprentices about the job market

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 19:09
About 30 young people participated in the panel with Camargo Corrêa Group employees About 30 young people participated in the panel with Camargo Corrêa Group employees

Until May 25, São Paulo will host the project An Eye on the Future, developed by ESPRO - Social Vocational Education, which aims to provide the Young Apprentice with a week with discussion panels with professionals in various professions. Camargo Corrêa Group supported the initiative, and two employees participated last Monday in a discussion panel with students to help them choose their professions.

Antonio Josino Meirelles, Institutional Relations Manager, and Livio Hagime Kuze, Superintendent of Corporate Finance and Planning, shared professional experiences and peculiarities of their professions with about 30 youths in São Paulo, on the morning of May 20. "Participating in this event and sharing our experience with the younger is almost a duty. This is not only a project that has to do with the company's values, which seeks to encourage young people and children, but also the accomplishment of a personal goal”, said Josino.

For Elaine Teixeira, apprentice in HR at Camargo Corrêa S.A. and participant in ESPRO, “the entity opened many doors”. She also said that “being in a company as large as the Camargo Corrêa Group is a very rewarding experience”.

About Espro

Espro - Social Vocational Education is a nonprofit organization working on professional training for the inclusion of young people in the labor market.

Founded in 1979, institution’s key objective is social change. It empowers, prepares and inserts in the labor market more than 17,000 low-income youngsters per year for companies in various regions of the country, through their insertion in the Learning Programs.

Espro’s service is targeted at young people aged 14 to 24, in a situation of social vulnerability, currently studying or graduating at public schools – including students with special needs.