Beyond boundaries

Camargo Corrêa Group is a company with one of the largest global growth potential

Friday, February 01, 2013 - 17:04
Cimpor Plant, the Group’s cement arm in South Africa Cimpor Plant, the Group’s cement arm in South Africa

Camargo Corrêa Group is among the top 100 companies from emerging countries with the greater global growth potential, says the Global Challengers 2013 survey. The ranking is published by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and includes groups whose annual income in 2011 was USD 1 billion or higher.

The ranking published this year includes companies from 17 countries – seven more than in 2006, when the survey was first made. Camargo Corrêa Group appears on the list along with 12 other Brazilian companies, including Gerdau, Natura, Petrobras, and Votorantim.

According to BCG, the business groups listed in the survey face similar challenges: attracting new consumers and new businesses, fostering innovation, quality, operational excellence and brand positioning, as well as having strong relations management in political, non-governmental, and regulatory frameworks.

Currently Camargo Corrêa Group has operations on all continents with its brands, products, and industrial facilities.