Terra do Cristal Project

Camargo Corrêa Institute and SEBRAE-Goiás promote handicraft

Thursday, July 12, 2012 - 12:54

The production of jewelry and artifacts made in the city of Cristalina, the name of a city almost 174 miles far from Goiânia, has just won a bilingual book about the work of 15 artisans from the city. Result of a partnership between Camargo Corrêa Institute and SEBRAE in State of Goiás, the publication is one of the actions of the Projeto Terra do Cristal (Earth of Crystal Project) that since 2009 works with artisans, miners, and local lapidaries in order to enhance the productive capacity and business management.

Neusa Biacchi was born in Cristalina city and began to work with stones in 2005 and she is one of the artisans who have pieces published in Terra do Cristal Catalogue. Neusa points out that other professions need to discover their true gift. "I found myself on this and also found out that I was born to be an artisan. And, to me, such promotion is very important now. Everybody here is expecting a huge improvement", she says.

The administrative manager of Camargo Corrêa, Wilson Mazeo Francisco, believes that the catalogue will expand the sector of jewelry and mineral crafts. He points out that Cristalina city needs some initiatives to encourage the practice of handicraft, especially among younger people, so the work will not have an end. "We have been observing that many artisans do not pass the work forward. Therefore, we have to intervene so the culture will not have an end."

According to the regional manager of SEBRAE in the Federal District and Surrounding Territory, Masashi Hiroshima, with this publishing, the companies of jewelry segment and other potential customers will have the opportunity to learn about the work of these artists and, at the same time, about the city.

"Besides pieces of excellent quality, Cristalina has other attractions such as stones, secular mines, and a wonderful nature that attracts lovers of ecological tourism from many parts of the world," recalled Hiroshima.