João Pessoa

Camargo Corrêa Institute presents volunteer programs at InterCement

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 14:19
The meeting was intended to disseminate the culture of volunteering, and to encourage actions among professionals The meeting was intended to disseminate the culture of volunteering, and to encourage actions among professionals

In an effort to bring information and guidance of volunteer activities to all units of InterCement, Camargo Corrêa Institute (ICC) organized a lecture at the João Pessoa unit (Paraíba state) late in March. Led by Flavio Seixas, coordinator of Ideal Volunteer program, the event was attended by about 200 people, including unit staff and third parties, and had as main points of discussion the dissemination of volunteering culture, as well as the launch of programs Ideal Volunteer and Ideal Future at the unit.

"Everyone was quite open to the corporate volunteer program of InterCement. And this will be essential so that we have great support to develop future actions", says Claudia Costa, administrative manager. She says the unit already has a CIVICO formed and two GAIVs (called "Seeders of Good", and "Expectant Mothers of the Island"). Proceeding with programs, CIVICO is working on the diagnosis of productive groups and planning the Doing Good Day.

Also during the event, the operator of Central Command, Carlos Antônio Monteiro, was recognized nd honored for his volunteer work in the project Gol de Placa, a football school for children.

Passion for sports and social work


instituto voluntariado intercement 2 mCarlos Antônio Monteiro (the first standing on the left)

A dedicated midfielder of Palmeiras, an amateur club from João Pessoa (PB), Carlos Antônio Monteiro failed to make true his dream of being a professional football player in Botafogo Paraíba club. However, kids from neighborhoods surrounding the João Pessoa unit won an enthusiast of socialization through sports.

"At Palmeiras there was an extra-field follow-up work. But there was no specific directions about children's football. So I had the idea of opening a football school to serve children starting from age five", explains Carlos Antônio, Central Command Operator at the João Pessoa unit.

Despite the difficulties, Carlos Antônio and his friend Renildo Linhares Alves embraced the idea and founded, in 2006, Escolinha de Futebol Gol de Placa. Over time, the word spread around, and today Gol de Placa serves about 100 children in various categories and modalities (field football, futsal and 7-player football). And the first cup came in March of last year: the Copa do Brasil de Futebol de 7 of the sub-13 category, held in Ouro Branco city, Minas Gerais state.

Since 1997 working at the unit, Carlos Antônio shares his time between professional dedication and sports. "I never had any problems; could always manage to do both", he says. He's married to Rociara and a father of two: Igor and Jonas. You can read more about the project at: