Doing good

Camargo Corrêa Institute stimulates employees to participate in social campaigns

Thursday, May 16, 2013 - 17:08

Through the Ideal Volunteer program, the Camargo Corrêa Institute stimulates employees from all Camargo Corrêa Group companies to participate actively in social causes. This year, one of the efforts is aimed at the Social Invoice campaign.

Organized by the Nota Fiscal Paulista Program – which returns to consumers 30% of the ICMS tax collected by commercial establishments -, the campaign enables any person with their CPF ID number registered at the program's website to allocate the value to entities that conduct social work.

"Every year, the Ideal Volunteer program launches a social campaign that counts on the engagement of the company's volunteers in favor of a cause. Besides being a new option to voluntary service, this action allows participants to develop a closer relation with the social organizations with which they work", says Mariana Baère, from Camargo Corrêa Institute's Ideal Volunteer Program.

Moreover, those interested in participating in the Social Invoice Campaign have to form an Ideal Volunteer Action Group (GAIV), which will be responsible for organizing the collection of invoices and selecting the entities that will receive the funds.

For more information, please send an e- mail to: