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Camargo Corrêa Institute supports blog for dialogue at schools

Thursday, January 03, 2013 - 12:27

The web now has the School Journals of Santana do Paraíso (, created to promote dialogue among schools, students, teachers, families, and community readers of school journals published in the city. The blog is an initiative of School Journal project, developed in Santana do Paraíso city and other 13 localities by NGO Comunicação e Cultura, in cooperation with Camargo Corrêa Institute, through the Ideal School program.

In Santana do Paraíso, the project was started in 2011. Six training sessions were held with educators to develop the publications at educational institutions. Today, six schools produce their journals, and these are distributed to the school community and can be read on the blog.

On the blog’s presentation section, the authors highlight the pedagogic importance of the journals. “The school journal is a resource known to education; it fosters author students and provides favorable conditions for expression and learning”, the text says.

In addition to making available journals produced in Santana do Paraíso schools, the blog also records the project’s activities in the city. Project School Journal also has a website – – collecting information about activities developed and gathering reference material about the production of school journals.