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CCR sponsors 2013 edition of Siga Bem Caravan

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - 17:51
Founded in 2002, a tent called "Road to Health" provides essential services to drivers on the roads Founded in 2002, a tent called "Road to Health" provides essential services to drivers on the roads

CCR Group, a leader in transport concessions in Latin America, which has Camargo Corrêa Group as a founding shareholder, will sponsor the 2013 edition of “Siga Bem” Caravan, an itinerant project targeted at truckers.

Besides sponsoring the “Siga Bem Caravan", CCR also makes available throughout the project its consolidated social responsibility program, the tent "Road to Health”, which provides basic assistance services to drivers.

Created in 2002, the project intends to provide continuous monitoring through medical examinations, dental treatment and other free services, as well as preventive instruction on how to improve quality of life and the welfare of truck drivers.

“Program Road to Health focuses on securing the welfare of truck drivers, who are very important to Brazilian roads. Thus, the partnership with Siga Bem Caminhoneiro Caravan makes sense and helps us reach a broader audience, given its importance and comprehensiveness”, says Francis Bouillon, responsible for communication, marketing and sustainability at CCR Group.

About the 2013 Siga Bem Caminhoneiro Caravan

In 2013, the action will focus its activities on social projects and the promotion of products and services on Brazilian roads. The target audience is formed by truck drivers, carriers employees, entrepreneurs and communities surrounding the highways. The schedule includes visits to 57 cities in 21 states, in all regions, covering a total of 21,000 km of roads.

The Caravan, which is also sponsored by Petrobras and Volvo, will directly involve 50 employees and will have, at participating gas stations and concessionaires, in addition to Road to Health from CCR Group, recreation activities for families and truckers, massage, haircut, theater plays about the fight against sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, dance shows, choir, orchestra, and educational lectures by the Federal Highway Police.

You can read more about about the Siga Bem Caminhoneiro Caravan at:  http://www.caravanasigabem.com.br/