Road to Citizenship

CCR takes road safety education to over 320 thousand children

Monday, February 18, 2013 - 17:04
Over 1.5 million children participated in the program since 2001 Over 1.5 million children participated in the program since 2001

Program Road to Citizenship, by CCR Group, reached in 2012 more than 320 thousand children in 87 cities in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Paraná.

Deemed one of the largest private projects on road safety education in the country, the program aims to help change the behavior of the younger generation by spreading information about road safety, environment, and citizenship among students of public schools in basic education.

In 2012, Road to Citizenship was provided to 3,567 public schools in towns close to the highways managed by CCR Ponte, CCR NovaDutra, CCR ViaLagos, CCR RodoNorte, CCR AutoBAn, CCR ViaOeste, CCR RodoAnel, and CCR SPVias.

Since the program's creation in 2001, over 1.5 million children, 500 thousand users, and 64 thousand teachers were covered by the project's actions. In 2013, the program should reach nearly 400 thousand students and 17 thousand teachers.

In addition to lessons at class, children participate in supplementary activities such as Citizenship on the Roads campaign, distributing at the toll posts handwritten letters from children with messages of solidarity, peace, and road safety. The distribution takes place during National Traffic Week, in September. In 2012, 95 thousand letters were distributed.

Project figures:

  • 87 cities (58 in SP, 22 in RJ, and 07 in PR)
  • 3,567 schools
  • 15,300 teachers
  • 323,000 students
  • 540 workshops (5 in Braille)
  • 95,000 letters given