Construtora Camargo Corrêa inaugurates a program for pregnant women in Jirau

Wednesday, December 05, 2012 - 10:46
A meeting is held with lecturers and pregnant employees A meeting is held with lecturers and pregnant employees

The pregnant employees of Construtora Camargo Corrêa participated in the inauguration of the "Estou a Caminho" Pregnancy Program, held at the work site of Jirau Hydroelectric Plant, state of Rondonia, on November 28. The program's goal is provide moms-to-be with information so that they can have a healthier pregnancy.

According to Cristiane Tessaro, Human Resources supervisor at Camargo Corrêa, the pregnancy program will transfer knowledge from the medical, nutritional, psychological and physical fields to pregnant women, from the fetus development to postpartum period. "Questions arise along their pregnancy, and since they're working, moms-to-be have some difficulty and little access to relevant information on healthy pregnancy", Cristiane says.

About 15 professionals from Construtora Camargo Corrêa received a brochure with relevant information for a good pregnancy. The didactic material will serve as a reference source for pregnant women, with information about each week and month of pregnancy. Subjects such as body changes, metabolic changes, sex during pregnancy, and many other questions that are common to pregnant women, will be given in the program's brochure.

Meetings between professionals and lecturers will be held fortnightly. Participants will have their questions answered by nutritionists, psychologists, physiotherapists, doctors and nurses. They will also learn how to use recycled material to make gifts and decoration for the baby's room. "This information will be extremely helpful for us so that we can have a healthy pregnancy. Every pregnant woman needs to know you shouldn't smoke, drink, or eat too much unhealthy food during pregnancy. This program brings knowledge to us", says Antonieta de Souza, 25, lubrication assistant at the company, seven-months pregnant.

Andréa Gonçalves Silva, 36, is a technical assistant at Camargo Corrêa. She is four-months pregnant. However, she made a surprising statement: "After I had endometriosis, a doctor told me I wouldn't have kids anymore. But then one day my belly started aching. I took an ultrasound test and found out I was pregnant. First I was shocked, but now I'm so happy I can't find the words to describe it", she says.

"Nothing can compare to offering good work conditions for the company's employees. And we can't overlook moms. This is why we created a well-structured program on health and pregnancy", says Walmir Picolotto, Human Resources Manager at the company.