CPFL Santa Cruz leads the national ranking of quality of service

Wednesday, April 03, 2013 - 17:51
Ourinhos, with a population of 103 thousand, is one of the cities in São Paulo served by CPFL Santa Cruz Ourinhos, with a population of 103 thousand, is one of the cities in São Paulo served by CPFL Santa Cruz Picture: City Hall of Ourinhos

CPFL Santa Cruz took first place on the ranking of quality of services rendered in 2012, among the major electricity distributors in the country, according to a report by the National Agency of Electric Energy (Aneel). The concessionaire is part of the CPFL Energia group and is responsible for supplying electricity to 27 municipalities in the states of São Paulo and Paraná. It was a highlight among companies with annual revenues equivalent to more than 1 TW (terawatt/hour) for the period January to December 2012.

The list evaluated all distributors in the country, divided into two groups according to their size. There are 35 large-sized distributors, and 28 smaller distributors with annual revenues equal to or lower than 1 TWh. The list was based on the Global Continuity Performance – DGC, formed from the comparison of the DEC and FEC values of distributors in relation to limits established by ANEEL.

DEC is an index that represents the average time a CPFL Santa Cruz customer was left without service during the year, and that was 5.27 hours in 2012; FEC is the index that follows the frequency of interruptions in the supply, and that was on average 5.82 times/year per customer in 2012. The Brazilian average in 2012 was: DEC = 18.65 hours/year, and FEC = 11.10 times/year, according to annual consolidated indexes officially disclosed by the Agency.

Until 2011, the distributor was part of the small size group. "It's such a pleasure to hold this position on Aneel's ranking exactly in the year CPFL Santa Cruz enters the market category of 1 TWh+. This shows our team's commitment and ability to beat challenges", says CPFL Santa Cruz CEO Carlos Zamboni Neto.

Camargo Corrêa Group is a major shareholder among the controlling partners of CPFL Energia.