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Dressmakers supported by Camargo Corrêa Institute and Construtora Camargo Corrêa form partnership with Hering

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 13:31
Dressmakers should deliver around 500 pieces/day to Hering Dressmakers should deliver around 500 pieces/day to Hering

Specialized in the production of lingerie and knitwear, the Moda Flor Apparel Production Cooperative (Coopermoda), from Catalão (249km away from Goiânia), a participant of Camargo Corrêa Institute's Ideal Future Program, will now supply pieces to Hering.

The entity, which currently has 44 members, should supply up to 300 pieces a day to the brand.

To meet the new demand, the dressmakers are changing address. Starting on May 6, they will work in a shed rented by the Municipal Government in the city's central area. The area has over 400 square meters, with dining hall, kitchen, administrative office and store. Today, they share the rooms of a house in the Mão de Deus neighborhood.

"The space in the house is small for us to increase production. In the shed, we will be able to increase the daily production", explains Maria de Lourdes Pereira, 54, production director at Coopermoda. The goal is to reach 500 daily pieces, with the purchase of seven new machines – they currently have 52.

And, thanks to Hering's order volume – new to the cooperative -, individual gains should increase considerably. Until December, each dressmaker made something around R$ 1.5 thousand a month. "Until then, the factory's three production cells worked with repressed demand. Now we'll work for real and make some money", says Maria Solange Souza Alves, 57, vice-president, with a smile on her face.

President of Coopermoda, Lourdes Silvéria Neves Silva, 42, invites Catalão's workers to join the entity to increase the production volume. She even recalled the possibility of women conciliating their duties as housewives and the work at the cooperative. "We work three shifts. They can very well take care of the house in the morning and work in the afternoon."


Created in 2011, Coopermoda is the result of the partnership between Camargo Corrêa Institute (ICC), Construtora Camargo Corrêa, the Municipal Government of Catalão, Sebrae Goiás (Southeast Region) and the National Bank for Social and Economic Development (BNDES). During the past year, the dressmakers were trained. "We promoted courses for them to prepare to 2013, year when the market would open. We have even a Senai consultant spending four hours a day with them", explains Adriana Lopes de Felipe, manager of the Tecendo a Moda em Flor Project of Sebrae Goiás.

The members of the cooperative have even received the prestigious professional certification Senai Cetiqt (Technology Center for the Chemical and Textile Industry), at the end of last year. This was the first time dressmakers had to take tests outside the state of Rio de Janeiro. Hering itself requires qualification of its outsourced suppliers in Goiás. For this reason, the company inspected the production line of Coopermoda.