Christmas Party

Employees from HM Engenharia donate toys to daycare center

Friday, December 21, 2012 - 18:46
The toys given are manufactured from wood used at the company’s work sites The toys given are manufactured from wood used at the company’s work sites

HM Engenharia held a Christmas party for the children of Associação das Damas de Caridade - Creche do Bom Jesus in Barretos city, São Paulo state. The party was held on December 13 with the support of the Camargo Corrêa Institute. Wooden toys were given to 100 children aged 0 to 6. Santa Claus and hot dogs were also there.

She says her first contact with the daycare was in 2011, during the Doing Good Day, a major volunteer event of companies of Camargo Corrêa Group. The occasions included actions such as renovation of facilities, painting, planting of grass.

"After that we join them for certain calendar dates, such as Easter. They also received another action of HM’s volunteers, relating to a traveling library. We’ve also taken them to the movies”, says Mariana Franco, one of HM Engenharia’s volunteers.

The party kept going with a show of old songs and stories by a partner of the volunteers, who also attends the actions. “For us it’s really important to collaborate and see the happiness of each child. With such small deeds we can brighten a child’s life”, said volunteer Máyra Ravagnani.

In other Christmas actions, on December 16 HM volunteers brought gifts to 100 children in three foster care houses of Instituto Padre Haroldo, in Campinas city, and to 22 children from Educandário Sagrados Corações, and 6 children from Dom Jose de Matos Daycare, all in Barretos city. Each volunteer gave a child piece of cloth, a pair of shoes, and a toy.

Manufactured in-house

Toys donated were produced with the wood used in the company’s construction sites and that would otherwise be discarded. The company created and maintains a joinery to turn leftovers into toys. Toys produced include airplanes, cars, butterflies, ducks, and checkers, and peg solitaire.