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Estaleiro Atlântico Sul launches to the sea its first oil tanker, “Zumbi dos Palmares”

Friday, November 23, 2012 - 17:07
The oil tanker has 100% of its structure ready and 80% of the finish completed The oil tanker has 100% of its structure ready and 80% of the finish completed

Estaleiro Atlântico Sul (EAS), in Suape, Pernambuco state, made today – November 23 – the flotation (launching) of the Suezmax oil tanker "Zumbi dos Palmares". This is one of the most important building stages of the ship. The ship has 100% of its structure ready and 80% of the finish completed. All 237 equipment parts are in their final position.

For the operation, a work force of about 300 EAS employees was mobilized. It included the inspection by Transpetro (which ordered the ship) and the international classification agency responsible for the ship's certification, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). The Bureau issued issued last October 31 the "flotation release", stating that Zumbi meets all technical conditions required to leave the dry dock. The ship was tugged from the dock – flooded to sea level – to EAS's wharf.

In the first semester of 2013, "Zumbi" will leave the wharf for tests, being subsequently delivered to Transpetro. According to Otoniel Reis, president of EAS, "It's a pleasure to come to this moment once again and think about how we are growing and producing. We implemented a broad restructuring process in the company and invested in continuous workforce training and safety. Also, our employees are more experienced, and our structure delivers high capacity. The result is increased productivity", he says.

In addition to "Zumbi dos Palmares", EAS is also building PROMEF's Suezmax 3 and 4. The C-003 ship is under construction, with 40% of its structure built. The C-004 Suezmax is at the initial stage of block assembly. These are the first oil tankers produced in Brazil according to the latest standards for oil-transporting ships operating in the world.

"Zumbi dos Palmares" oil tanker

  • Capacity: 1 million barrels
  • Gross size (weight of the ship plus maximum load): 157.7 thousand tons
  • Type of ship: Suezmax
  • Total length: 274.2 meters