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Family farming cooperatives can make a partnership with Jirau to provide food

Friday, September 14, 2012 - 12:54
A large part of products used to feed the workers is purchased in the State of Rondônia A large part of products used to feed the workers is purchased in the State of Rondônia

The cooperatives which are part of the Federation of Agricultural Workers of Rondônia (FETAGRO) were invited to make a partnership with Camargo Corrêa Consortium, responsible for the work of Jirau Hydroelectric Power Plant, to supply the demand for food in the job site. The initiative aims to enhance the product and the production of Rondônia.

João Henrique da Silva, Supply Manager in the mentioned job site, explains that the company's priority has always been to buy products of local farmers. "About 95% of the products used to feed workers are purchased in Rondônia. Only in an exceptional case we buy out of the state", he says.

In the jobsite are served over 30,000 meals per day. He explains that there are four important characteristics to make a supply deal: quality, volume, deadline and cost. "We prioritize quality, but we place great importance to the volume and to deadlines, because we have to meet the demand within a determined period.

The cooperatives, along with the Federation, have undertaken to conduct a survey of the products that can be offered and discuss with the cooperative members the deadline in which requests can be delivered, in accordance with demand. Among the products that can be offered, Creonice Vilarim, of Fetargo, highlights banana, manioc, flour, tomatoes, eggs, and watermelon. "We have a good variety of products in our cooperatives. If we join our efforts, we'll be able to meet the requests", she says.