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Football stars know it: the best boots are Mizuno’s

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 10:45

Mizuno's new campaign, "Football stars know it: the best boots are Mizuno's", for the Morelia, Ignitus 2, and Supersonic 3 boots, is starred by sponsored athletes Jonas, Dedé, and Hulk – all from the Brazilian team, with the boots they wear on the fields. The campaign will be displayed at 70 points of sale in major Brazilian cities.

Mizuno has a solid history and tradition in football boots development. An example is Morelia boots, which are handmade in Japan since 1985 and were based on studies with Brazilian players. Hulk, who plays as a striker for Zenith (Russia), is Morelia's ambassador in the world.

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Jonas, who plays as a striker for Valencia (Spain), wears the Supersonic 3 model, with its side frame built on natural leather especially cured for greater grip and ball control. In addition, Supersonic 3 has double-density studs that make the boot lighter and more comfortable.

Dedé, who plays as a defender for Vasco da Gama, is the star of the Ignitus 2 model, which has studs strategically positioned and designed to reduce the pressure on the feet, with panels that increase the kick effect on the ball.

All Mizuno football boots are developed with kangaroo leather.