Fundación Loma Negra offers vocational experiences to young people

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 16:37
Youngsters experience a professional routine to discover their vocation Youngsters experience a professional routine to discover their vocation

In its second edition, the project "Two days in your future" aims to provide youngsters from Olavarria, Argentina, with the chance to try the profession they wish to pursue, following a full work day of specific professionals. For example, those thinking of pursing a medical doctor career have the opportunity to watch a surgery, while those dreaming of teaching follow the daily routine of a teacher, and future engineers visit work sites. The project is promoted by Fundación Loma Negra, maintained by InterCement in Argentina.

The project is open to students in their final year of high school and first college year. The initiative encompasses urban and rural schools of the Argentine municipality. Activities are run by local volunteers – professionals, businessmen, and teachers – who share a work day with a youngster.
The initiative gives students the chance of living the routine of their future profession, and allows them to perceive their own vocation. “With this project we aim to bring youngsters closer to the working world, allowing them to make contacts and learn about the internal operation of companies and institutions. These experiences can either confirm their vocation or make them change their minds”, said Silvia Diaz, local technician for Fundación Loma Negra.
So far, two editions of project "Two days in your future" were joined by 68 members, and 104 youngsters from 32 educational institutions. The project is part of activities by CIVICO - Olavarria’s Committee for Incentive to Volunteering and Community Interaction, and this edition is supported by the municipal government and the Engineering School of Centro Universitário.