Doing Good Day

Camargo Correa Group brings together 14,000 volunteers

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 12:54

Camargo Corrêa Group held on August 26th the fourth edition of Doing Good Day. The event takes place two days before the National Volunteering Day, celebrated on August 28th and will bring together 14,000 volunteers in places where Camargo Corrêa Group has its business units, in Brazil and other eight countries.

This year's edition will consolidate the Doing Good Day as a major event of corporate volunteering in Brazil. In all, it will be 190 actions benefiting the same number of entities. The activities will be carried out by professionals of the Group and other 768 partners, among them are invited companies and governmental and non-governmental organizations. Professionals' family and friends and other people of beneficiary communities will be among the volunteers in that day.

The Doing Good Day integrates the Ideal Volunteer program, of Camargo Corrêa Institute, whose goal is to create opportunities for Camargo Corrêa Group professionals contribute to community development by volunteer work. The idea is that volunteers could carry out actions throughout the year. The Doing Good Day is a strategy to strengthen this engagement. The planning and preparation of activities last about four months. In 2012, the total investment in the event reaches the range of R$ 800,000.


In Doing Good Day will be held actions like rebuild schools, nursing homes and day care centers; entertaining and care activities for children and elderly people; various services such as legal advice, lectures about health, issue of certificates, donating food and supplies, among others. "The idea is to involve the whole community, develop partnerships with government and NGOs, mobilize people, resources, and companies with or without business relationship with Camargo Corrêa Group," says the executive director of Camargo Corrêa Institute, Francisco Azevedo.

Among the activities that will be held in the Doing Good Day is the Aprendendo a Escutar (Learning to Listening), where a group of Camargo Corrêa Bulider professionals will perform activities of entertainment and integration with hearing impaired children and their families, in São Paulo, Association of Teachers, Parents and friends of Dedirc (Division of Education and Rehabilitation of Communication Disorders, in Pontifical Catholic University in São Paulo ( often abbreviated as PUC-SP). Besides this activity, the volunteers have been working to expand the area of technical library, with the readjustment of juvenile collection of books and its playroom.

Flying in Imagination action, performed by a group of professionals of Camargo Corrêa Real Estate Development (CCDI) in São Paulo, will bring art to children and young people assisted by the NGO Living with Art. They will held theater, dancing, and painting workshops, besides ludic outdoor activities.

In Santo Antônio, State of Rio Grande do Norte, Alpargatas employees will perform the action The Change starts at School, in the Municipal School Epaminondas Mendes de Oliveira, rebuilding, constructing some areas, buying appliances and furniture to school and promoting a leisure day for the community.

In State of Minas Gerais, the small cities of Sem Peixe and Santo Antônio do Rio Pardo, where Camargo Corrêa builder company leads the work of Pipeline Minas Rio, the Doing Good Day will lead the Magic of Circus for these locations with theater presentations, juggling workshops, acrobatics and other activities.

In Ijaci, also Minas Gerais, InterCement professionals will develop tasks such entertainment in streets and also will rebuild some sport courts.


A good example of partnership in Doing Good Day will be the activity developed by Promon Engineering, a company that is not part of the Group, but that is a partner in the work of reform and expansion of Presidente Getúlio Vargas Oil Refinery, of Petrobrás, in Araucária, State of Paraná (Repar). The employees of this company organized a a walk for dogs for this day. The event, which also has a partnership with the Municipality of São Paulo, will bring walkers together in two moments. The first step will involve animals already treated and ready for adoption. The second step involves walkers who know abandoned animals and dogs that are still in the process of rehabilitation.

Flávio Seixas, Ideal Volunteer program coordinator, highlights the work that has been developed by Camargo Corrêa Group partners. "This edition marks an even bigger shift in the concept when we decide to invite customers, suppliers and other companies to also participate of Doing Good Day as a cause of volunteering in their companies, in the localities where they are present," he says.

About Doing Good Day

The Doing Good Day happens on the third Sunday of August since 2009. The goal is to encourage and support Camargo Corrêa Group professionals in performing voluntary actions in favor of the communities where they operate, besides to promote and disseminate the culture of volunteering. The 3rd edition, in 2011, mobilized 11,000 volunteers in 135 community actions throughout Brazil.

In 2012, there will be the following companies participating: Alpargatas, Camargo Corrêa Real Estate Development (CCDI), Camargo Corrêa S.A., InterCement, Shared Service Center – CSC, Camargo Corrêa Builder, HM Engineering, Malta Surveillance and Security, Morro Vermelho Air Taxi, Tavex Corporation, CCR Via Oeste, CPFL Energy, Atlântico Sul Shipyard, SAO Parking, Baesa, Energética Barra Grande S/A, Maesa, Machadinho Consortium, Machadinho Energética S/A, CCR AutoBAn, Promon Engineering, General Eletric and Makro Engineering. are strategic partners Alpargatas Institute and Fundación Loma Negra.