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Handcraft work of embroiderers supported by Camargo Corrêa Institute is sold in France

Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 11:44
The cooperative currently produces over 500 pieces a month The cooperative currently produces over 500 pieces a month

The 50 women who are members of the Cooperative Bordadeiras de Natividade, from Natividade city in Rio de Janeiro state, became global. The initiative was already been featured on prime time Brazilian television in 2012, and is advancing to the international market. Products of the cooperative members were sold earlier this year on the network Le Bon Marché, in Paris, France, after the intermediation of, a Brazilian entrepreneurship website.

The turning point in their lives began in 2010, with the formalization of the cooperative and the support by Camargo Corrêa Institute (ICC), which has invested in infrastructure, equipment, and working capital. ICC also called Instituto do Meio to provide training on new craft techniques and management for women from Natividade.

The private social investment allowed the cooperative to start participating in handicraft fairs around the country, and increased the business visibility and income. After the first year of partnership with ICC, at the end of 2011, the average monthly revenue went from R$ 2,472 to R$ 8,549. That's a 350% increase. Since then, new challenges were beaten.

Management and process techniques implemented with the support of ICC helped the cooperative close an international sale of unseen scale. Le Bom Marché group took to Paris 300 pieces produced in the small city of Rio de Janeiro state. These are embroidered tablet covers, wallets, and necessaries. All of them were sold, and new replenishment orders are expected throughout the year.

The new moment lived by the cooperative made the productivity climb to 500 pieces a month. The main handmade products developed are pillows, backpacks, handbags, quilts, coin purses, belts, wallets, shawls, skirts, and others.

Formed by women with low education and without good job prospects in the region, the group's work appeared even on a soap opera by TV Globo. In Aquele Beijo, from 2012, during the episode about the wedding of Lucena, played by actress Grazi Massafera, the embroiderers were paying close attention to the aprons of waiters, that were produced by them after an order from the producer in Rio de Janeiro.