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Havaianas is innovative to sell

Monday, July 23, 2012 - 12:54
Sticker to measure the size of consumers’ feet Sticker to measure the size of consumers’ feet

The sale machines of soft drinks, candies and snack are already part of the reality of many people. Now, the big new is the Havaianas machines!

Installed in The Galeries, a prestigious shopping mall in Sydney, Australia, the equipment is conquering all kinds of audiences, from basic to hipsters. Throughout the year, the new machine will be scattered in the city to sell The Legitimate.

And innovation doesn't stop there! In front of it there is a sticker on the format of the "basileiríssimas" sandals so that the consumers can measure their feet and make sure about the ideal size of their sandals.

There's still no prediction of the machines arriving in Brazil.


havaianas maquina 02 gHavaianas machine installed in Sydney, Australia

havaianas maquina 03 gSandals are wrapped individually

havaianas maquina 04 gSandals are wrapped individually