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Havaianas launches sandals retro-inspired

Monday, September 24, 2012 - 12:54
Pacman model is based on one of the most successful games in the 1980s Pacman model is based on one of the most successful games in the 1980s

Havaianas launches the sandals Pacman and Arts, inspired by art and by the retro movement, they are focused on the male audience. The first model is based on the theme of the classic Pacman, one of the most successful games in the 1980s. The second model has illustrations of the duo of graffiti artists Mulheres Barbadas (Bearded Ladies) and is inspired by street art.

Alpargatas (manufacturer of Havaianas ) and the advertising agency AlmapBBDO prepared two ads based on the sandals to promote the new collection. The ads are being transmitted in magazines with double and single pages, and also should gain space in website portals linked to fashion and behavior.

The Pacman model advertisement show the sandal as an arena in which the game is happening and, in the bleachers, the little multicolored ghosts watch the dispute. The title completes: "If you're 80s, you're retro. If you're 90s, you're Cult. If you're 2000s, get away from this game, boy, because you have to study".

The ad of inspired-Arts model is characterized by a blend of images of spaceships, monsters, animals, and objects. In the ad, two hands paint the figures beyond the sandal sole limits, using the work table and all the objects on it. The title is "Haircut is difficult to disguise. Clothes are expensive. Better get the risk to be modern starting by the foot".


960x720 havaianas2Arts is inspired by street art and has illustrations of the duo Mulheres Barbadas