Hydroelectric Plant consumes two million cubic meters of concrete

Friday, October 26, 2012 - 9:00
By December 2014, further 800,000 m³ of concrete will be consumed By December 2014, further 800,000 m³ of concrete will be consumed

The Jirau Hydroelectric Plant reached an important milestone of its construction: two million cubic meters (m³) used since November 2009. In comparative terms, this quantity would be enough to build twice the twelve stadiums for the 2014 Football World Cup that will be held in Brazil.

The number achieved on October 23 is the result of the accelerated pace of civil works – of which 70% are completed – and represents the force of Brazilian engineering.

The concrete milestone was celebrated at the work site during the whole day. A concrete mixer, a vehicle that is used to transport concrete, ran around the plant with a banner mentioning the milestone, and was followed by cheers, sirens, and fireworks. The workers were also acknowledged, and celebrated with a special menu for lunch.

Concrete works will be done until 2014

The concrete works should last until December 2014. By that time, 800,000 additional cubic meters of concrete should be laid between the left and right banks.
In order to meet this demand, in Jirau there are six concrete hubs in operation. Each unit has a production capacity of 1,200 m³ per hour. "The concrete quantity follows the demands for application. But the hubs are prepared to produce a quantity well above that needed for the work", says João Lázaro Maldi Júnior, executive manager of Camargo Corrêa.

Maciel Paiva, engineering director at Energia Sustentável do Brasil, says that in February 2011, during the peak of works, 130,000 m³ of concrete were laid, which means, on average, 4,500 m³ per day. "This is a short month, with many holidays in Brazil. So, in terms of domestic infrastructure works, and considering the pace of our works here, I don't think there has been any other work so big and so fast as we are doing here", the executive says.