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ICC launches guide about federal resources for education

Thursday, October 04, 2012 - 12:54

Good ideas for education need support and, in most cases, financing to be put into practice. However, several managers don't know the ways to access the resources available to public schools. In order to assist municipalities in this task, the Camargo Corrêa Institute (ICC) launches the Resource Guide for Education – Federal Programs, Projects and Actions. The publication is a collection of diverse and extensive information about the resources currently offered by the federal government to education in the municipalities. We describe 56 programs, projects and actions, as well as five awards and competitions of different agencies that can help to finance educational activities of municipalities.

The material will be distributed to all municipalities which are partners of programs like Escola Ideal (Ideal School) and Infância Ideal (Ideal Childhood), supported by ICC, and it is now available on the Institute's website. In 2009, when the program Ideal School operated only in Paraíba, ICC published the guide Projects of Education. "Today, we are working in four other States and we want to disseminate updated information. We also included in this edition information about qualification criteria and rendering of accounts", explains Toni Niccolini, coordinator of the program Ideal School, about the new publication.

The publication includes guidelines to get financial and pedagogical resources and educational materials, and also lists prizes and contests for education. The guide is organized according to the allocation of resources – Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Early Childhood and Awards and Contests. There is also an index that divides the guide according to the area of interest – school management, capacity building, enhancement of education professionals, infrastructure, distribution of materials and educational opportunities.

Julio Silva, who lead the work at Publiconsult Assessoria e Consultoria Pública (Publiconsult Public Advisory and Consulting), a consulting firm in the public administration responsible for the research and edition of the material, also emphasizes the inclusion of information about the criteria necessary to receive the funds. "Today, to earn most of the resources, it is necessary that the municipality meets the pre-qualification requirements and develop specific projects that are proposed and approved by online systems determined by the federal government, which also serve to rendering of accounts and monitoring execution of the projects", he explains. The guide also has specific guidelines to get resources acquired, because some of them are not automatic.

The evolution in Internet use, the institutionalization of electronic mail as a way of communication and the increase of social networks by managing agencies of resources have led the increase of these new forms of communication and information in the guide, which ultimately urging the reader to discover more about each content. Practice recommended by the guide. The manager should use the guide as a base and always keep updated by, periodically, accessing the online pages of federal concern, contacting the technicians responsible for actions management to get information and have questions answered, and learning about new initiatives in the area.

Source: Ideal Comunitário magazine