Camargo Corrêa Institute

Ideal Future Seminar highlights entrepreneurship best practices

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - 12:54

The Ideal Future Seminar, in its 4th edition, brought together in Belo Horizonte entrepreneurs from all over the country, backed up by Camargo Corrêa institute. During the event, which took place between the 27th and 29th of July, attendees were able to share experiences and get to know entrepreneurship best practices even better - ones that were compiled by several enterprises throughout five years of the Ideal Future program existence.

These best practices and the personal examples from those who engaged in job and profit projects, promoted by ICC and dozens of partners, will also receive an extra recognition opportunity. The seminar opening was distinguished by the Sebastião Camargo Entrepreneurship Award presentation. Every two years this award, that pays homage to Camargo Corrêa group's founder, will acknowledge two enterprises – one from the urban and another from the rural midst; and two entrepreneurs, a woman and a man.

"He, Sebastião, was passionate by the country's transformation, and he really believed in its people", said Renata Camargo Nasicmento, one of Sebastião Camargo´s daughter, also Camargo Corrêa Group's Vice President and shareholder. "That the result of our work is the beginning of many entrepreneurs and transformers outbreak in this country".

According to Francisco de Assis Azevedo, ICC's CEO, the award is an encouragement to groups from all over Brazil that are already engaged in the development of their communities. "Not only we pay Sebastião Camargo homage, but we would also appreciate you to be inspired by his story and the way he changed so many people's lives", told the audience Azevedo.

2012 Highlights

The procedures of the award's first edition, which must be handed over during the next Ideal Future Seminar, in 2014, will be publicized soon. However, as several ongoing projects should be over before the awards ceremony deadline, Camargo Corrêa decided to recognize entrepreneurs and enterprises this year.

In the entrepreneurs' category for women were awarded Josefa and Vanísia Santos Ferreira, leaders of "Casa do Artesão" (Craftsman House) association, from Nossa Senhora do Socorro (SE). "In Brazil's second smaller state countryside, in the middle of nowhere, they have found our association and believed in it. I can only express gratitude", said Josefa. The association is part of a project called "Tecendo a inclusão" (weaving inclusion), an outcome of a partnership between Realice Institute, Sebrae-SE and Tavex Corporation.

Wagner Rogerio Bohn, Extreme North co-operative society CEO from Alpestre (RS), was the awarded in the entrepreneurs' category for men. This co-operative society also deserved feature as an enterprise from the rural midst. Supported by "Tempo de Empreender" (Time to endeavor) project, together with ICC, Camargo Corrêa construction company, Sebrae-RS and the National Bank for economic and social development (BNDES), the Extreme North co-operative society gathers local producers from the area to work on juices, sugar cane derived and bread making products, besides benefiting from and selling cassava.

Those products are not only sold to city halls, in order to supply the public school's lunch needs, but also to supermarket chains. "The greatest outcome of our work is to see small producers saying that the project is improving their families' lives and that their sons and daughters are returning to grow products with them, recounted Bohn.

In the urban midst enterprise category, Sebastião Salgado Award featured the Embroidery from Natividade co-operative, which consists of 44 women from Natividade (RJ). The project, established by Mineroduto Minas-Rio, ICC and Meio Institute, focus in the revitalization of a local tradition, in order to create work and income opportunities for women. "We are transforming lives. Women that were unemployed, that used to drink, now have a chance – this motivates us to keep on working", said Vânia Mendonça, the co-operative's president.