Cultural support

Individuals may donate to OSESP – The São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra

Thursday, November 22, 2012 - 15:44

OSESP – The São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra – also accepts donations from individuals. The donation can be 100% deducted – to the 6% limit of income tax due – from the next income tax return.

Donations help to expand the number of children and adolescents at didactic concerts, to increase the number of multiplier teachers trained in music appreciation for young musicians sponsored by Academia de Música and for the public making Monitored Visits to Sala São Paulo.

Donators' benefits include free attendance to events, open rehearsals, and concerts by Academia.

For more information, please call +55 11 3367-9580, or visit or send an email to

osesp pA OSESP capacita professores como multiplicadores da apreciação musical e recebe milhares de estudantes em concertos didáticos, na Sala São Paulo (SP)