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Alpargatas Institute will benefit students of 268 schools in the Northeastern region

Tuesday, February 05, 2013 - 17:50
Students are encouraged to practice sports at school Students are encouraged to practice sports at school

Alpargatas Institute (IA) and Centro Universitário de João Pessoa (Unipê) entered an agreement on January 23 to benefit 268 public schools in nine municipalities of Paraíba and Pernambuco states. Starting in March, by means of the Topper Program of Education through Sports, more than 70 thousand students will be examined in laboratories at Unipê to have their physical performance analyzed. The results will be checked against the school performance evaluation, conducted by IQE (Institute for Quality Education). The combined data will be used to observe how practicing sports can influence school performance.

“By training teachers, the program uses sports and physical education as tools to improve the quality of education, aiming also to decrease school abandonment numbers and violence”, explains Berivaldo Araujo, Executive Director of the Alpargatas Institute.
Project improves learning and reduces school abandonment
The Program of Education through Sports was conceived in 2003 by Alpargatas Institute (AI) to value and strengthen physical education in public schools. Over these years and with the support of partners, the program has managed to improve student learning, reduce levels of quitting, and to raise the Basic Education Development Index (Ideb) in public schools where it was deployed. That’s because students are fostered to practice sports at school and to participate in competitions, raising their performance not only at class, but in life as well.
The project supports futsal, football, volleyball, board games (dominoes, checkers, and chess) and popular games such as dodgeball during school hours.