Social incentives

InterCement launches new projects on Ilha do Bispo

Friday, January 23, 2015 - 12:30
Good Deed Day, a volunteer event by the Camargo Corrêa Group, happens every year in all cities in which there are company units. Good Deed Day, a volunteer event by the Camargo Corrêa Group, happens every year in all cities in which there are company units.

InterCement, the Camargo Corrêa Institute (ICC) and the Comitê de Desenvolvimento Comunitário de João Pessoa (João Pessoa Community Development Committee) have presented the government authorities and the community with four projects to promote enterprising spirit in the community and contribute toward the sustainable development Ilha do Bispo, in Paraíba. The event takes place on the Fazenda da Graça, a space owned by the company factory last Thursday, January 22.

The projects which will be developed in 2015 were planned on the basis of the mapping conducted with the community in the region last year. The social initiatives implemented on Ilha do Bispo by InterCement, such as Dia do Bem-Fazer (Good Deed Day), a corporate volunteer day sponsored by Camargo Corrêa Group or Baby Week, a program implemented in partnership with the Fundação Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal in defense of early childhood (pregnancy to children 0 – 3 years of age) also serve as a base for the formation of new projects.

The municipal secretaries of Education, Health and Social Assistance, by means of their local representatives will be some of the strategic partnerships of InterCement in the activities of Ilha do Bispo. Each project shall be presented with the participation of representatives from the entities that will be leading the actions. "We identified the need to act on four priority fronts: to assure early childhood rights, recover educational units and expand and certify professional and training courses to restore the historic and cultural patrimony. In this regard, the partnerships are fundamental for the success of the projects," explained Ana Cristina Ramos, manager of the InterCement unit in João Pessoa.

Ilha de Direitos - A Casa do Pequeno Davi, NGO partner to InterCement in the region will conduct a job with professionals in the social assistance network on Ilha do Bispo focused on the defense of early childhood rights. The Ilha de Direitos Project proposes to conduct a participative diagnosis in attention to early childhood, training professionals according to the data gathered to strengthen the network also including implementation of a Pilates unit for pregnant women promoting physical health, decreased pain and bone loss resulting in a state of well-being and decreased anxiety.

Shantala (Indian massage) workshops will also be part of the efforts to offer parents and caregivers more contact with the baby and expand care connections. Another activity is training doulas or labor coaches to provide humanized accompaniment before, during and after birth. The proposals rely on the support from Crei - (Centro de Referência de Educação Infantil (Crei - Center and Reference of Childhood Education), Unidade de Saúde da Família, Pastoral da Criança, Arca - Associação Recreativa Cultural e Artística (Arca - Associação Recreativa Cultural e Artística (Arca - Cultural and Artistic Recreational Association), Associação Comunitária Índio Pirajibe and the Centro de Referência da Assistência Social.

Together for the Ideal School – the project, Juntos pela Escola Ideal involves four public schools in the region: Raul Machado, José Peregrino, Frutuoso Barbosa and the Centro de Referência em Educação Infantil Mᵃ José Burity (Childhood Education Center). The objective of the project is to identify immediate infrastructure and equipment needs of the institutions and organize volunteer improvement groups. The volunteers are trained by professionals from InterCement, the community and the schools themselves, to undertake repairs of the physical structures and revitalize recreational spaces.

Toward the Future – Another focus of operations will be geared toward productive social inclusion of young people. In partnership with the NGOs, Essor and Amazona and support from Senai, the ICC team will implement the Toward the Future project. The objective of the action is to expand the range of professional training opportunities for young people in a vulnerable social situation, offering decent opportunities for work and income and to reinforce the network of local agents for the sustainability of its efforts. The classes will take place at the Arca and da Associação Comunitária Índio Piragibe headquarters.

Restoring historic and cultural patrimony – The fourth project is for the purpose of training 60 young people for the work restoring the historic and cultural patrimony with courses directed toward the area of woodworking, furniture, gardening, joinery, carpentry and saw milling. This is a project using Rouanet law incentives, with the support of the Culture Ministry, the State Government and the Mayor's Office. The project also includes maintenance services and monitored visits to the Capela da Graça –a Jesuit chapel from the XVII century, in the trust of IPHAN - Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (The National Historic and Artistic Patrimony Institute).