Camargo Corrêa Padrão Award

Laguna Bridge receives award in São Paulo

Friday, July 03, 2015 - 12:20
For the second consecutive year, the Bridge was elected Construtora Camargo Corrêa’s best project of the year For the second consecutive year, the Bridge was elected Construtora Camargo Corrêa’s best project of the year

The Anita Garibaldi Bridge in the state of Santa Catarina was selected for the second consecutive year as “Obra Padrão” of the year by Construtora Camargo Corrêa. The award was officially presented in São Paulo on Tuesday (June 30), a day after civil engineering activities were concluded on the bridge. The team responsible for the project was also awarded the Platinum seal for excellence with respect to aspects of: Safety, Quality and Management, Sustainability, Commitment to Results, Transparency, Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Sense of Responsibility and Innovation.

The Camargo Corrêa Padrão award is in its fifth year. It was created by the company to recognize highly complex engineering projects, which generate shared value for the client and for society as a whole and are deemed as a benchmark in the civil construction sector for their quality and excellence. "We are extremely happy. This recognition is shared with the entire team. We have an engaged team, which managed and executed the project with a high degree of excellence, great responsibility and endeavor”, commemorates Luís Gustavo de Oliveira Zanin, works manager.

The Anita Garibaldi Bridge will be the first curved cable-stayed bridge in the country, suspended by just a single central plane of stays. The project was ordered by the National Transportation and Infrastructure Department (DNIT) and will have a positive impact on traffic flows along the BR-101 highway, one of the country´s principal arteries. The bridge was also notable for its utilization of innovative techniques. A lifting gantry permitted each span section to be hoisted into place in just four days in contrast to one week as was initially envisaged. Work on the project peaked in 2014 when a total labor force of approximately 1,800 was on site.

premio padrao 2015 mPadrão Award 2015: Luís Gustavo de Oliveira Zanin, works manager (center)

Camargo Corrêa’s Padrão Award is an important recognition of committed professionals and projects which put into practice the company’s beliefs and values.

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