Farmers Training

New training in banana producing communities occurs this week in RO

Wednesday, September 05, 2012 - 12:54
The project is part of Ideal Future Program of Camargo Corrêa Institute The project is part of Ideal Future Program of Camargo Corrêa Institute

A new stage in the training of farmers who participate in the project Time to Endeavor in Rondônia will occur between September 4th and 7th. The goal is to transmit to the communities around Jirau Hydroelectric Power Plant (in Rondonia) notions about the operation of agribusiness and the role of family farmers in this sector of the economy. The project was developed by Camargo Corrêa Builder, Sebrae and Camargo Corrêa Institute (ICC) to reach technical and economic viability of production and commercialization of fruits.

According to the consultant Jorge Luis Raymundo de Souza, the course aims to provide a new understanding about tropical fruit market – internal and external market. Besides this, concepts of sustainable production are included in the schedule and also management of producer cooperatives. Souza also shares experiences as a producer and cooperated member in banana production, through the methodology of Learning by Doing, which allows the participants to apply in daily routine of work what they learn during the training.

"I had the experience at home. I pointed out to my daughter some washed and some unwashed bananas. Washed banana quality was inferior to that of unwashed fruit, yet my daughter chose to take the fruit that was clean. Now, I learned that the consumers buy according to what they see", said the farmer Edson Moreira, a participant of the project. For Liah Sabino, manager of Time to Endeavor project , these experiences show that the family farmer is eager for new knowledge and need more opportunities to learn.

The last training was held in May 2011, and formalized a productive cooperative with banana producers in the same year.


Time to Endeavor in Rondônia is a realization of Camargo Correa Builder, Sebrae, and Camargo Corrêa Institute in partnership with Emater, Porto Velho municipality, Organization and Planning Organization, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Sescoop, Embrapa, Federation of Commerce , Federation of Agriculture , FCDL, Federation of Industries , Facer, Secretary of Finances of Rondônia, Sedam, Incra, Ibama, Banco do Brasil, Bank of Amazônia, Caixa Econômica Federal Bank, Sedes, Semagric, Eletrobras Distribution in Rondônia, Seagri, SPU, Sema.