Entrepreneurship Time

Production of seedlings in settlement supported by ICC grows threefold

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 11:50
Project benefits 25 farmers in Tapurah, Mato Grosso state Project benefits 25 farmers in Tapurah, Mato Grosso state

The seedling greenhouse of Santa Luzia Settlement, in the city of Tapurah (MT), is supported by the Entrepreneurship Time project by Camargo Corrêa Institute. The greenhouse expects to crop 80 thousand seedlings of several trees from October in this year to February 2013 – a growth of almost three times. Last year, 30 thousand seedlings were cropped in the same period.

Felipe Soares, analyst for the Ideal Future Program by ICC, says that the investment in greenhouses at the settlement allowed a planting contract that could arrive to 150 thousand seedlings of Parica (a typical Amazon tree). "The successful experience also brought to farmers an assistance contract to implement a greenhouse of native trees in the city of Rondolândia, MT, for the initial recovery of 40 hectares of conservancy areas", he says.

Carried out in cooperation with BRF Brasil Foods since October 2009, the project was extended to April 2013. Currently, the greenhouse focuses on producing native trees from degraded areas, but farmers are starting to work with ornamental plant seedlings as well.

Since 2009, 25 workers of the settlement were trained by Sebrae Mato Grosso in technical matters, from production to management. Now, with the course experience, we found the best way to work", says Aurimar Savaris, one of the greenhouse partners.


BRF Brasil Foods and Construtora Camargo Corrêa are partners in the project since the company executed the works for a plant of BRF in the city.