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Honey producers inaugurate collective operational house in Santa Catarina

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 15:01
Honey is an alternative income source for local farmers Honey is an alternative income source for local farmers

Farmers of São Carlos town, in Santa Catarina state, now have the Honey House, inaugurated last Thursday, January 24. The establishment will be used by beekeepers to process and store honey produced under the requirements of the Health Surveillance Agency, which will in turn allow large-scale commercialization. The Honey House is the result of project Entrepreneurship Time - Beekeeping, an initiative from Camargo Corrêa Institute through the Ideal Future program, and from the Brazilian National Development Bank (BNDES).

The São Carlos unit has the necessary equipment for centrifugation (extraction), decanting, and packaging of the honey in buckets or drums. "The production capacity is very large, and the goal is to reach 25 tons per year”, says the project consultant Nilson Kilpp. The Honey House complies with guidelines from the Department of Agriculture for a “networking home”. Here, the product is extracted, placed in larger containers, and then packed in a proper facility, which may be subject to inspection at municipal, state, or federal level.
According to Kilpp, the house could serve the entire region, but since the producer’s travel to the house with honeycombs is difficult, the project also includes the construction of another Honey House in the neighboring town of Águas do Chapecó. Works should start by February.
“The project Entrepreneurship Time supported the renovation of hives, since most hives used by farmers were outdated. It also provided training on bee handling and business planning and management”, says Jair Resende, coordinator of the Ideal Future program.