Great Works for Childhood

Project Young Attorneys will train 50 youngsters in Fortaleza

Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 10:56
The project considers a theater play based on the reality of the local youth. The project considers a theater play based on the reality of the local youth.

Project Young Attorneys has just started its classes to train 50 youngsters to fight sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in the region of Pirambu, Fortaleza city in Ceará state. The initiative is part of project Great Works for Childhood from Camargo Corrêa Institute and Construtora Camargo Corrêa, and is the result of a partnership with the Public Prosecution Office of Ceará State, the Higher Education School from the Public Prosecution Office (ESMP), the Center for Operational Support to Childhood and Youth (Caopij), the City Hall of Fortaleza, and Mudança de Cena NGO, from São Paulo. In the region, Construtora Camargo Corrêa is responsible for Vila do Mar, a public municipal project to urbanize neighborhoods in Fortaleza city's coast.

On April 11, the youngsters had the first of their meetings, which will last until the end of the year. According to the project's coordinator and educator, Yara Toscano, the idea is to deepen the theme of children's and adolescents' rights by means of education and plays of the Forum Theater, whose methodology is participative and could be developed during the group's construction process. "They were very excited about it, but most of them have never been to a theater group before. At the first meeting, they had contact with the idea and were introduced to the methodology. Now they're anxious to start working", said the coordinator.

The project is headed toward a theater play based on the reality of the local youth. They'll use polls to identify local conflicts they want to debate and then find creative and transforming solutions. The idea is to present these issues to a mixed audience, formed by parents and the local community as well as authorities that can strengthen this protection network and share different points of view.

The coordinator of Caopij, public prosecutor Antônia Lima said that sexual exploitation of children and adolescents is a major challenge of Barra do Ceará and Fortaleza. "The project was built from the need of the group that lives in the area, knows its reality, its surroundings and its potential", she explains.

The mixed group, formed by young people aged 12 to 21, meets every Thursday with an educator and a monitor to visit services of protection to childhood and adolescence, and also to participate in workshops and lectures with the Public Prosecution Office and the Guardian Council. Meetings are divided in two groups, one of 20 members starting at 14h, and another slightly larger one with 30 members who meet at 18h. The meetings last three hours and are held at Cuca Che Guevara, in Fortaleza city.