Early Childhood

Projects by Camargo Corrêa Institute qualify the care to children in Pernambuco

Tuesday, November 06, 2012 - 12:54
Projects help in children’s learning development Projects help in children’s learning development

Two projects supported by Camargo Corrêa Institute (ICC) and the CNCC Consortium, formed by Construtora Camargo Corrêa and CNEC, are helping to qualify the care to children in Ipojuca, Pernambuco. Connected to the Ideal Childhood Program, the "Playing Houses" and "My City has Daycare" projects served about 500 children by October.

"My City has Daycare" project adapted facilities, acquired learning materials, and trained 38 professionals, including teachers and monitors, from three institutions: Institute Casa da Criança e Cidadania (Icriac), the Association of Small Farmers of Gaipió Community, and the Charity Association of Camela (Asbeca). The three institutions serve 480 children from 1 to 6 years of age. The project was supported by Ipojuca's municipal government.

In reforms between April 2011 and May 2012, windows and doors were fixed and the spaces were adapted to receive young children. This included the adaptation of toilets and the provision of materials for class activities.

The project also helped to firm agreements between these institutions and the city hall. With this, the city became a partner of institutions and is monthly responsible for uniforms, learning materials, food, and other items.

Playing Houses

Since April, Ideal Childhood program operates in the city with the Playing Houses project, which aims to provide proper spaces for children aged 0 to 6 to play and learn, executing activities that are not offered by the city. The project has some 50 children per day; on Tuesdays, at the Religious Charity Center for Children in Porto de Galinhas; on Wednesdays, at Maracatu Nascer do Sol, in Camela.

Parents and caretakers are also invited to join the activities, and strengthen the importance of play for children's development. In addition to static workshops, the project also has mobile workshops in surrounding communities once a month.

Teachers and monitors who participate in the two projects receive, by means of a partnership with Institute Avisa Lá, instructions about new pedagogic practices for early childhood. Institute Avisa Lá uses low-cost recycled material, which allowed creating toys with fabric scraps, PET bottles, shoe boxes, and used banners.