Best Neutral Shoe

Prorunner 16 tennis is among the best

Friday, April 19, 2013 - 18:35

The Wave Prorunner 16 was chosen as one of the best running shoes in 2013 by the awards "Best Neutral Shoe", from Running Network.

Recognized by the famous American website specializing in running, the model was indicated by Mizuno runners because it offers excellent performance, a great fit, and high durability.

"Prorunners are the best shoes for running, and the16 version only perfected what was already good. I've been using them on competitions longer than 10 km, and they give me speed, comfort, stability, and my feet don't hurt when the race ends. This is a deserved recognition, not only of technology, but also the design and new colors", says Vagner Luiz Damasceno, from Tesouraria da Sede, who is always wearing his Mizuno.

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