Social investment case from ICC and InterCement is presented in São Paulo

Friday, April 12, 2013 - 11:00
Event held at Centro de Voluntariado São Paulo gathered about 80 people Event held at Centro de Voluntariado São Paulo gathered about 80 people

The Corporate Volunteering Study Group, formed by several organizations working with volunteers, presented earlier this month in São Paulo the case study by Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC) on the social investment by Camargo Corrêa Institute and InterCement in the city of Pedro Leopoldo (MG). Based on the publication "Novas Fronteiras do Investimento Social: Aprendizagens de uma Experiência", the event gathered at CVSP – Centro de Voluntariado de São Paulo about 80 people to discuss the impact of a volunteering program that's aligned with (and supplements) companies' social investment.

During the meeting, the CEO of Camargo Corrêa Institute, Francisco Azevedo, presented the actions taken, and Nísia Werneck, professor and researcher at FDC and one of the publication's authors, gave a lecture on the importance of volunteer programs for creating links between company and community, in addition to addressing the concepts of shared value, social capital, and social license. After the presentations, participants were split into groups to discuss corporate volunteering issues.

The publication, along with the research results, may be read here.

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130411 CVSP 1 mNísia Werneck, from Fundação Dom Cabral, talked about "Camargo Corrêa’s Social Investment in Pedro Leopoldo, MG"


130411 CVSP 2 mFrancisco Azevedo, ICC’s CEO, presented the actions undertaken in the region