Children’s Day

Students of União Bandeirantes school received toys

Friday, October 19, 2012 - 6:17
Over a thousand of children received toys in this action Over a thousand of children received toys in this action

Balls, dolls, toy cars, teddy bears, and others, were donated for children from 6 to 15 years old in an action of Camargo Corrêa Builder Company. On October 11th, the eve of Children's Day, 13 professionals of the company have donated toys to students at the Três de Dezembro Elementary Municipal School, in União Bandeirantes, State of Rondônia. About 1.4 thousand toys were collected in the action previous week at the construction site of Jirau Hydroelectric Power Plant and donated for the event.

According to the vice-principal, Fernanda Gomes, about a thousand students were benefited by the donation of toys. In all, 550 students received some toy in the morning and 450 in the afternoon. "It is very rewarding to participate in an initiative like that, because our children had not received toys yet. This initiative of Camargo Corrêa is very important to them", she said.

"The delivery of gifts is directly connected to the question of child's right to have access to leisure and entertainment. Thinking about it, we did a campaign to collect toys involving all professionals of the construction site and the students of Programa Geração Aprendiz [Generation Apprentice Program]", said Cristiane Tessaro, supervisor of social responsibility at the company.