Tavex advances the launch of 2014 Summer Collection

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 12:29

Tavex, the largest producer of distinctive denim, launched in advance today its new summer collection in São Paulo. For the first time, the company launches three collections in the same year (January, June, December).

The decision follows a shift in the Brazilian fashion agenda and meets a need requested by customers of previous collections. The most important fashion shows in Brazil, the SPFW (São Paulo Fashion Week) and Fashion Rio, which used to be held between January and July, started as of 2012 to be held in March and October.

"The changed fashion agenda prompted us to advance the launch. Some brands that produce collections were contacting us to receive in advance the novelties developed by the textile industry", says Maria José Orione, South America Marketing Manager.

Sueli Pereira, Fashion and Design Manager at Tavex, will present the results of the survey that explain consumption challenges and behaviors that supported and inspired the collection's trends. The event had a showroom for exhibiting products developed for 2014 Summer.

The regional events season happens from January to February 2013. Launches will be held in the following cities: Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, Criciúma, Blumenau, Goiânia, and Jaraguá.