Innovation in fashion

Tavex launches pioneer stretch fabric technology in South America

Friday, February 22, 2013 - 16:36
The technology is highly-resistant to treatments and jeans washes The technology is highly-resistant to treatments and jeans washes

Tavex, a leader in the textile production of distinctive denim, launches in Brazil a collection of a new generation of stretch fabrics based on its innovative technology Triblend Technology by Tavex. This is the first such fabric to be launched in South America.

Triblend Technology introduces the concept of Lycra dualFX fabrics. The product is a unique combination of two elastic fibers, Lycra and Lycra T400, with the versatility and comfort of cotton. The combination of these two fibers created Lycra dualFX fabric.

Lycra provides high stretch quality to fabric, while Lycra T400 promotes high recovery, low shrinkage, and endless washing possibilities, including more aggressive treatments.

"Triblend by Tavex technology is designed to deliver maximum comfort and keep the shape over time", explains Maria José Orione, Tavex marketing manager for South America.

Consumption of jeans in Brazil

Ibope Inteligência, contracted by Invista, owner of the Lycra brand, conducted a survey with 1 thousand consumers who wear Brazilian jeans, to analyze the behavior at the time of the purchase and subsequent wearing of clothes. According to the survey, 46% of Brazilians wearing jeans wear every day one piece made of denim.

Among the attributes that jeans pieces offer, comfort is a highlight both for casual wear (51%) and for going to work (49%). When it comes to modeling, Brazilian women have the skinny (46%) as their preferred one.