SMS Center

Text messages or “torpedos” speed up customer service of CPFL

Thursday, September 06, 2012 - 12:54

The electricity distributors CPFL Paulista and CPFL Piratininga, of CPFL Energy Group, implemented a new customer service through text messages on cell phones, popularly called "torpedoes" or "SMS" (abbreviation in English for Short Message Service).

SMS Center is a fast service, free and is available 24 hours!

To communicate a lack of energy in your home or business, send "SEU CODIGO" (Your Code) to the number 27351, if you are a customer of CPFL Paulista, or to 27304 to customers for CPFL Piratininga.

Important warning: after sending the SMS, the customer will receive, within a few minutes, the response of CPFL informing the protocol number and the expected time of energy return.

If you have an ICU at home, please call to our helpline service and register your requirement.

To make it easier, you can register the number 27351 in your cell phone, if you are a customer of CPFL Paulista, or the number 27304 if you are a customer of CPFL Piratininga and you can also register "SEU CODIGO" on your phonebook and on your cell phone.

Warning of Scheduled power-cut

This service is also available in SMS Center to warn maintenance of the power grid causing temporary suspension in power supply.

To register your cell phone number in the Center in order to receive the Warning of Scheduled power-cut, please just send the word IN + the number "SEU CODIGO" to 27351, if you are a client of CPFL Paulista, and to CPFL 27304 to customers of CPFL Piratininga. Example: IN12345.

Source: CPFL Energy website