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Volunteers organize activities in 13 countries on Doing Good Day 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015 - 16:46

In its seventh year, Doing Good Day is going to involve thousands of people among professionals, family members, friends and partners in a major volunteer event. The event is to be held next Sunday, August 23, simultaneously with 36 other cities in Brazil and in another 12 countries. Some 120 initiatives are to be adopted in the areas of health, education, infant care, sport, the environment and improvement in community spaces, among others, with the participation of more than nine thousand volunteers.

The theme chosen for Doing Good Day 2015 was "harmony", an allusion to the importance of synchronizing the performance of actions with the achieved results. "More than mustering volunteers to conduct social actions on the set date, the aim is to encourage the continuity of volunteer work after the event", declares Francisco Azevedo, executive director of the Camargo Corrêa Institute. Doing Good Day has taken place since 2009, always close to National Volunteers´ Day on August 28.

The activities on Sunday, August 23 will benefit about 90 thousand people in South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, United States, Mozambique, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela. In Egypt, volunteer initiatives take place on Saturday, August 22, and in the Cape Verde Islands, Spain and Portugal, on September 26.

About Doing Good Day

This is an initiative, which has been held since 2009 under the Camargo Corrêa Institute’s Ideal Volunteer program. The aim of Doing Good Day is to stimulate the support of professionals in participating companies to undertake voluntary work to the benefit of the communities in which they operate as well as fostering and disseminating the volunteer culture. The program is designed to mobilize coordination between the public, private and civil society sectors.

The following companies are taking part in the Doing Good Day with initiatives in 13 countries: Alpargatas, Camargo Corrêa Desenvolvimento Imobiliário, Camargo Corrêa S.A., Centro de Soluções Compartilhadas, Construtora Camargo Corrêa, CPFL Energia, Estaleiro Atlântico Sul, Fundação Loma Negra, HM Engenharia, Instituto Alpargatas, Instituto Camargo Corrêa, Instituto CPFL, Instituto InterCement, InterCement, Makro Engenharia, Morro Vermelho Táxi Aéreo, Participações Morro Vermelho and Santista S.A..

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