Young people supported by Alpargatas Institute launch book in Paraíba

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 10:40

Children and teenagers participating in the Educação pela Cultura (Education by Culture) Project launched the book "Ensaios Poéticos", on October 17th. The publication was produced by the young students of an educational unit of the city of João Pessoa (State of Paraíba) and supported by the project conducted by the Alpargatas Institute, that proposes to encourage reading, writing and produce texts, stories, songs and string literature (literature de cordel).

The book is the result of language workshops held during the year at the Centro Livre Meninada I, in the capital of Paraíba. The workshops aim to encourage reading and writing. The educational unit is supported by the Educação pela Cultura Project, which besides the Alpargatas Institute also has the support of the Social Development Secretary of the Municipality of João Pessoa (PB) and of PETI – Programa de Erradicação do Trabalho Infantil (Program for the Elimination of Child Labour).

"This is a project that enhances education and social life, awakening the importance to assume a role that will rewrite the present and transform the future. Initiatives like these can mobilize potentialities and encourage children and teenagers to build a better world, aware of their rights and committed to their duties", says Berivaldo Araújo, executive director of Alpargatas Institute.