Monday, October 20, 2014 - 14:07

Camargo Corrêa Desenvolvimento Imobiliário innovates in the construction site management model using Autodesk technology


The innovative measure taken to the construction site directly impacts cost reductions, deadline precision and Project detailing

São Paulo, October2014 – Autodesk, Inc., world leader in 3D solutions for design, project engineering and entertainment announces that Camargo Corrêa Desenvolvimento Imobiliário (CCDI) is the first company in Brazil to adopt BIM Field 360 technology, a cloud based tool which enables construction site process improvements and provides availability of management information, metrics for decision making and planning.

CCDI is engaged in a segment that has historically used standardized processes and is one in which there are few innovations, its pioneering use of new technology has had a direct impact on the greatest variable in civil construction, integrated management. Using BIM Field, CCDI will obtain details that will enable monitoring of all project processes on-line and will directly bring about the correct solution remotely.

The innovative measure will have a direct impact on costs, deadlines and project detailing. BIM Field 360 is an advance on BIM, the technology that encompasses a junction of hardware and software and enables a preview of the initial model of the project in 3D (animation approximate to the real one), management of materials by the purchasing sector and management and execution of the timetable for all phases of the project. Impacts can also be predicted and therefore easier to take action to minimize them. BIM Field 360 takes this methodology to the work site.

"We have a pilot project in progress to integrate all planning and control operations based on the BIM model, operating from the office to the service areas at the sites. All information required for the correct execution of services will be available on the field crews' tablets and all advances conducted will be recorded on them as well as quality control of the products and services and any problems that require solutions from any area of the company all operating on-line between the sites and the office," stated Luiz Augusto Iervolino Pereira, Engineering and Management Systems Director at the company, Camargo Corrêa Desenvolvimento Imobiliário.

One of the biggest advantages and strategies of this technology is the fact that the tool has been conceived for use on tablets, enabling mobility and operations in the field in addition to being fast and easy to understand. Whether it is the director of the construction company, looking for information about the metrics of the business, the engineer working on the project in the office, the person responsible for the planning and coordinating the macro execution of the project or even foremen and workers in the field receiving delegated tasks, all will be prepared to use the technology.

"In practice, details identified at the construction site, by means of mobile devices, will be worked on with greater synergy among the areas, making decision making more participative, aggressive and faster. We believe that greater integration between the field and the office will enable us to improve costs, deadline and site quality as well as gains in productivity and better use of resources,' said Pereira.

According to Marcelo Landi, president of Autodesk Brasil, "CCDI has shown to be an extremely modern company by adopting a brand new solution in Brazil to reinvent the way that we think about site management. In addition to the BIM Field 360, CCDI also adopted the tool, Autodesk Vault, a documentation solution that enables projects in storage to be available to those at the construction site to search for any type of information.


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The real estate development company of the Camargo Corrêa Group, developing residential and commercial projects in a number of regions throughout Brazil. CCDI is also responsible for the development of "AAA" type corporate full floor projects and has committed to developing distinctive real estate projects on the market owed to their rigorous care in terms of the environment and quality.