Monday, October 07, 2013 - 11:50

Camargo Corrêa launches a University Contest on the concrete cycle

Students will participate with ideas focusing on sustainability, safety and productivity. The submission of a feasibility project or survey will not be required

Camargo Corrêa Building Contractor has just launched the University Contest, an initiative aimed at gathering innovative ideas to render a more efficient concrete productive cycle, a critical factor on heavy-duty works. The five best proposals from undergraduate or graduate students will be selected, and the students may defend them in person before company executives. The three winning teams will split the R$ 27 thousand prize and could be invited to participate in a development partnership with Camargo Corrêa. The university submitting the largest number of ideas will also be awarded a prize of R$ 5 thousand and a speech on innovation.

The company customized a system on the Internet to receive all entries ( The portal has the features of a social network, allowing Camargo Corrêa professionals to interact with undergraduates during the selection process. Other industries, such as those of pharmaceutical and technology sector, have already adopted a similar technique. "Our goal is to encourage innovation in the value chain of heavy-duty civil works, in order to increase productivity, ensuring sustainability and safety to our professionals. Seeking ideas in the academic environment and making sure the best ones will be feasible is an initiative that also recognizes the importance of university research toward industry evolution. This is about a dynamic and innovative process", explains Marcio Perez, the executive manager of Contractor Innovation and Competitiveness.

The award was created by Camargo Corrêa Corporate Manager of Innovation and Competitiveness, an area created in 2013 and reporting directly to Contractor CEO. The University Contest is not an isolated solution. A house program called InovEC receives ideas and innovations from nearly 30 thousand Company employees. A Knowledge Portal was created to receive the creative suggestions from any of them. Annually, the best ideas are rewarded during the event of Camargo Corrêa Innovation and Standard Day.

InterCement, the holding company for the cement business of Camargo Corrêa Group, is a partner in this initiative. The Company reckons upon a wide R&D portfolio, working with over a dozen internationally renowned institutions, such as Sao Paulo University, IPT, Minas Gerais Federal University and Embrapa, in Brazil, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the United States, and Instituto Superior Técnico and Instituto Carlos Torroja, in Europe.

Concrete is the second most consumed product in the world, second only to water. In 2012, 44 million m³ of concrete dosed in mixing centers were produced in Brazil. Camargo Corrêa alone used in that period about 800 thousand m³ of concrete in its several works. The Jirau HEPP, for example, already consumed over 2 million m³ of concrete between 2009 and 2013. By the end of works, just over 800 thousand m³ will have been consumed. This volume is enough to build twice the twelve stadiums for the 2014 Soccer World Cup.

Ideas to improve the concrete productive cycle are expected in order to increase competitiveness. To that effect, the University Contest established three themes under which contestant should submit their ideas: new construction methodologies, new materials and new techniques for the planning and follow-up of works.

University Contest Information
Enrolment: up to 12/01/13
Disclosure of finalists: 01/20/14
Appraisers: Professionals from Camargo Corrêa Building Contractor, InterCement, Consultoria Innoscience and guests.

About the rewards

The three best ideas will be awarded individual values to students as well as to their professors. The university with more participants will also receive a prize of R$ 5 thousand, plus a speech on innovation.

  • 1st place: up to R$ 13 thousand to the team;
  • 2nd place: up to R$ 9 thousand to the team;
  • 3rd place: up to R$ 5 thousand to the team.

About Construtora Camargo Corrêa

The Company is now considered a reference in the implementation and feasibility of highly complex engineering projects. Some of the key landmarks of Brazilian and international infrastructures in areas such as power, oil and gas, both the infrastructure and industry reckoned upon Camargo Corrêa participation. In its more than 73 years of history, Camargo Corrêa has built a legacy that incorporates engineering icons of the Country – from Rio-Niterói bridge to Itaipu, Ilha Solteira and Tucuruí HEPP; from Castelo Branco and Imigrantes highways to Steel Railroad; from Atlântico Sul Shipyard to Sao Paulo subway, among others.