Monday, April 01, 2013 - 15:53

Diesel savings at the Jirau plant worksite along 2012 could fuel 3 thousand buses

Program by Construtora Camargo Corrêa developed under the guidance of Mercedes-Benz generated savings of 550 thousand liters of diesel last year

Saving fuel is the specialty of Juciê da Conceição Costa. Since 2009, the dump truck operator participates in the Fuel Consumption Reduction Program implemented by Construtora Camargo Corrêa at the worksite of the Jirau hydro plant, in Porto Velho, the second largest plant under construction in the world and one of the main works under the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC).

Between January and December 2012, the program avoided the consumption of 550 thousand liters of diesel at the Jirau worksite. The calculation is made based on the methodology developed by truck manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. In all, 11.8 million liters of diesel supplied Camargo Corrêa’s fleet in Jirau last year.

The fuel savings in the period would be enough to supply around 3 thousand buses simultaneously – São Paulo’s fleet has 15 thousand vehicles. Moreover, the company avoided the emission of 1.35 thousand tons of CO2 and saved about R$ 1.1 million.

The results for 2012 also represent better performance compared to the previous year. In 2011, 195 thousand liters were saved, compared to a real consumption of 14.7 million in the period. This figure is equivalent to 480 tons less in the atmosphere and savings in the order of R$ 394 thousand.

The fuel savings, which reduce expenses and generate less environmental impact in view of the reduced emissions of greenhouse gases, were only possible thanks to the engagement of drivers to the program. “The longer the trip the more you save, because you don’t need to use high gears much”, Juciê teaches.

He and the other truck drivers received training over a year ago and now are invited to receive refreshment guidance.  Training is conducted in partnership with Mercedes-Benz, which sent an instructor to the worksite, in the Amazon Forest. According to Lúcio Ney, Camargo Corrêa’s Equipment manager, it is estimated that, per day, each truck can save between 40 and 50 liters with a good road and long trip.

The project developed in Jirau was recognized as one of the most innovative initiatives by Camargo Corrêa Group in the “Climate Agenda” category of the 2012 Sustainable Innovation Award. Construtora Camargo Corrêa now considers to replicate the program at other worksites, including abroad, and making the methodology available for other companies in the Group.

10 tips for fuel efficiency when driving trucks:

  1. Never use higher rotation than necessary by delaying the shift of gears;
  2. Always use the proper gear for each situation;
  3. Avoid shifting gears too often;
  4. With the pedal in neutral position, downhill, pick a gear that gives you safe speed without the rotation of the engine getting into the red zone (high rotation);
  5. Do not drive with neutral gear downhill. It is better to use the engine break;
  6. Check if tires are in the correct pressure and avoid overload;
  7. Try to maintain constant speed, avoiding oscillations;
  8. Do not start the truck with the gear on;
  9. Park the truck in a position that makes departing easy;
  10. Respect speed limits, this is safer and more economical.